How to Dress like a Brit: An American’s Perspective

Disclaimer: I understand Edinburgh, Scotland is not representative of the entire United Kingdom. Therefore, this blog post is based off of the fashion I have noticed while spending the majority of my semester in Edinburgh, Scotland, and my trip to London. Not gonna lie, before coming abroad, when I thought of "British fashion", I immediately imagined [...]


Halfway Done: My Thoughts and How Abroad Has Changed Me

As I sit here at a cafe in the student union, which has become my go-to hangout spot before/in between classes/after classes, I felt inspired to write this blogpost. I haven't written a non-travel recap post in a while, so I wanted today's to be more of a personal one. This week officially makes my [...]

Off to the Highlands!

Loch (noun): a large area of water in Scotland that is completely or almost completely surrounded by land The Scottish Highlands are, I would say, the most anticipated tourist destination of visitors of Scotland. So when the Edinburgh International Student Center arranged a trip to the highlands today for only 20 pounds, I immediately signed up! The [...]