Planning a Trip 101

Before coming abroad, I had never in my life planned a trip. Although I've been very lucky to have done a lot of traveling, my dad has always been the one to plan our family vacations. But since being here, I've already planned two trips (London and Dublin), with a third trip to Paris happening this [...]


Halfway Done: My Thoughts and How Abroad Has Changed Me

As I sit here at a cafe in the student union, which has become my go-to hangout spot before/in between classes/after classes, I felt inspired to write this blogpost. I haven't written a non-travel recap post in a while, so I wanted today's to be more of a personal one. This week officially makes my [...]

Moher Risk, Moher Return

A very long overdue post! *** Wednesday, 2/22: After five days in London, it was time to say goodbye and head off to Dublin! After taking a train from St Pancras Station to Luton Station (where flights are wayy cheaper than from Heathrow), an hour long plane ride, and a 10 euro Airlink bus ride (round trip) [...]