The First Few Days

Two flights, two movies, and many hours later, I finally made it to Edinburgh!

I arrived here in the morning on Wednesday, January 11, and the past couple of days have been overwhelming, to say the least. It still hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m living in a completely different country, and will be living here for 4+ months.

After taking a power nap (the jet lag got the best of me), I went to a “Taste of Scotland” event the school hosted for all new, incoming students to taste traditional, Scottish cuisine. We were met with the sound of bagpipes and men in kilts, and I could not have been more delighted (although, my friend who is a full time student at St. Andrews said I’ll probably be tired of the sound of bagpipes by the time I leave, but as of right now, I’m loving it). I ended up trying “Haggis”, a Scottish delicacy, which to me, tasted pretty good, despite how off-putting the ingredients sounded. Many people told me not to look up the ingredients, but I just couldn’t help myself. If you’re planning on trying it, I suggest not looking up what it’s made out of until afterwards…

The next day, I was able to explore a little bit of the city as I walked to Princes Street to do some shopping for essentials. The one common thing that full time students, as well as the administration, have been telling us is how walkable the city is, and I could not agree more. It truly is the best way to see the city, although, make sure to wear comfortable shoes. The cobblestone will not be kind to your feet.

Being around so many study abroad students from America and hearing English all the time kinda makes me feel like I’m back home, until I look around.

The city here is so beautiful; it’s the perfect mix between modern and medieval. It has the modern feel of NYC, with so many young people and trendy coffee shops, but there are also castles and majestic mountains everywhere you turn.

Now, onto my newest love and obsession: Primark. Primark is an Irish clothing retailer that also sells things such as home items, and they only have stores within the U.K. My god, I don’t know how they manage to make everything so cheap! I grabbed some hangers, a throw blanket, and some fairy lights for all less than 10 pounds.

I also was able to get a SIM card from “Three”, with 300 minutes, 3000 texts, and 12GB of data for only 20 pounds per month! Wohoo!



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